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How To Get Business Loans That Help You Grow

Business Loans, Finance Broker Gold Coast and NerangHave you ever thought:

How the process of applying for business loans can be so overwhelming?
Especially for start-up businesses, It’s understandable banks follow set principles when deciding who they will lend their money to.

So, to maximize your chances of getting approval:
It’s a wise applicant who takes into consideration the banks point of view and comes prepared for a wide variety of interview questions that will assist in the success of a business loan.

Determining the Objective of Business Loans:

Some borrowers may not be clear on why they want a loan for their business.

However, when you do identify the main purpose and can clearly communicate it…

You’ll find yourself in a better position when you talk to a lender:

Often the borrowed funds may be needed for upgrading equipment, expanding a showroom, new computer systems, or for extra storage facilities.


How you conduct yourself at the interview is a reflection of how you run your business…

Establishing the Exact Amount to Borrow So You can Grow:

Business owners should be clear and very specific about the amount you require for business loans.
Current financial statements will prepare you for the searching questions you will be asked.

Obtaining Expert Advice For Business Loans:

If you are operating a start-up business…

You’ll be a much better businessman if you seek advice from seasoned executives or organisations that assist new and existing businesses.

Knowing Your Credit History:

Banks and other lending institutions look very closely at the credit history of anyone applying for business loans.

Lenders are diligent on this matter, often a loan application is refused if your records are not up-to-date and accurate.
Therefore, and I can’t emphasise this enough:

It is critical you check and clarify your credit history for any possible discrepancies that may arise during this part of your interview.
You want this step to go forward without any problems.

Demonstrating Credit Worthiness:
Banks generally consider three main areas when assessing applications for small business loans:

  1. The capacity of the business owner to repay the loan:  Applicants need to clearly lay out their strategy for making repayments.
  2. Equity is another very important factor: Because it’s the security the bank will insist on, and comes in several forms, (I.E, property and guarantees) don’t overlook its importance in the bank’s decision to lend or not.
  3. The stakes which applicants control within their business: Along with various personal holdings, business loans are decided upon after careful consideration of your stake and how much you control in the business.

Knowing Economic Conditions:
The overall economic situation at the time of application is one of the key factors that influence a bank’s decision to lend.
Banks view tight economic conditions as being challenging factors that affect the loan-repayment ability of applicants:
In addition, banks experience difficulties funding many loan applications during times of recession.

Reviewing Options for Borrowing At The Best Rates:
It demonstrates sound judgement to consider different institutions when applying for any business loan to grow your Gold Coast Business.

Small commercial banks offer better chances of securing loans.  This is exactly the type of situation where an qualified Gold Coast Finance Broker can do all the research and uncover the best loan for you.  In other words, can advise you and support you with your loan application.

Business Loans Require a Solid Business Plan To Go Forward:
Drawing up a strong business plan is the best safeguard against your business loan being refused.  That’s mainly because, lending institutions always require applicants to show how they plan to use the borrowed funds.

Now, these documents need to be extensive and include relevant details of past and current financial statements.  It’s important to make sure you include your experience in your industry, plus an up to date market-analysis of your business.

Business owners should always be confident when approaching any lending institution.  Your attitude and method of operation plays a critical role in assessing your application.

Providing all relevant financial information that demonstrates transparency in your business will prepare for a favorable response to your business loan application.

Let’s Take a Look at TWO Business Loan Options:
When you decide to start a small business, you are taking a brave, but tough step.  And when you go after a business loan, Lenders realise it takes time for your business to generate revenue and for the general ups and downs to settle into a stable routine.  Therefore, you should understand, a bank may insist on either a secured loan or an unsecured loan for your business:

Secured Business Loans:
Is one that has some form of security which can be sold to recover the loan if the borrower defaults.
Often this security may be in the form of assets outside of holdings the business may own.

Unsecured Business Loans:
On the other hand, unsecured business loans are a monetary loan that’s not secured against any asset you may own.

To Sum It All Up…
It’s important that you fully understand what these loans mean and your full responsibility to the lender.  As an qualified Gold Coast Finance Broker I am positioned to advise and support you when you are ready to look for a business loan.  With over 23+ years in banking you will find an enormous amount of reliable information and advice waiting to help you with your intended loan.

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